Thursday, April 28, 2022

Social Problems

 Henry George published his book Social Problems in 1883 with the goal of popularizing his economic ideas. Unfortunately, like George’s other works, it is little known today. In this on-going series, from time to time, I intend to post extracts from this powerful work;

"THERE come moments in our lives that summon all our powers - when we feel that, casting away illusions, we must decide and act with our utmost intelligence and energy. So in the lives of peoples come periods specially calling for earnestness and intelligence.

We seem to have entered one of these periods. Over and again have nations and civilizations been confronted with problems which, like the riddle of the Sphinx, not to answer was to be destroyed; but never before have problems so vast and intricate been presented. This is not strange. That the closing years of this century must bring up momentous social questions follows from the material and intellectual progress that has marked its course."

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